Heal the mind/body split.

Who are you, really?

We spend our lives creating the answer. But in this modern world, we often don't feel like we are enough. We often feel like we've tried everything, or that our secret hopes and dreams aren't worth chasing, or that once we've found "security" in whatever it is that culture has trained us to think that means, that then we will be happy.

Any of those ring true?

This course teaches new ways to relate to yourself so that you can realize to the core of your being that you are enough, exactly as you are. It provides tools and concepts for bringing both your dreams and fears down into reality so that the dreams can be realized and the fears confronted and removed from the driver's seat.

When we start from wholeness, understand how our human systems work, then we can manipulate our habits, space, and time, so that we can move towards our dreams, rather than vaguely feel that they are always receding into the distance.

The Western approach to medicine has hit the limit of its strengths. Americans are exhausted, overweight, overmedicated, and overdiagnosed.

As an energy healer, I will work with you to bring new life and strength to your energy system. Energy healings can have a positive impact on any type of illness, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal. Energy healings tap that innate capacity, revitalizing your system so that the body can do what it does best--support you to be your best self in every aspect of living.

Amanda, introduced me to the healing energy of Ayurveda. She is an amazing teacher, coach, guide, with a beautiful heart and soul. She opened my learning to new experiences, in an engaging and informative manner. It is always a fun experience and you come away peaceful and recharged. I was skeptical but open to new ideas and methods of finding health and balance in my life. Understanding that the human body is like a battery, connected to earth energies, it is important to maintain and balance your fields. I felt an amazing difference..WOW. Amanda’s passion and enthusiasm and professional approach is simply refreshing.
— Bill
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Write to success

I've worked with over 1,000 writers, from books to blog posts to dissertations, from shaping the writing to shaping the writing process. In the twenty-first century, we are all writers. How comfortable are you in your writer skin? Whatever the struggle is, odds are that I've seen it before and can work with you to achieve your writing goal