Energy Healing Appointments

In many ways, science is only beginning to be able to trace and measure the human spirit.

For instance, its only been within our lifetimes that scientists discovered that the heart emits an electromagnetic aura that spans 3-5 feet outside the body.

In this healing system, I, as an energy healer, work with you to clear out some of the stuck points that inevitably occur inside our systems.

Energy workers are often described as spiritual healers. In this discipline, we believe that we aren't the 'healers'--you are your own healer. My work and training is to support you in you living your life how you desire.

Working with energetic stuck points can have a positive impact on

physical health

mental health

emotional health

spiritual health



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Here's a brief glimpse into what it looks like, but, of course, a video fails to capture the deep sensation of relaxation and peacefulness that accompanies a healing.

Amanda is the best energy healer I have ever experienced in my life. After a career in the military and 4 stressful combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I had tried massage therapy, Reiki masters and other healers to holistically heal me after of all those years of a stressful life. After one of Amanda’s energy healing sessions, I felt healed at the cellular level, felt emotional cleansed, that evening slept the best in five years and I felt rested and psychologically healed. Her soul and emotion truly desires to help people heal, and it is expressed in her energy during the session.

Amanda is an exceptionally spiritual person with an endearing and generous soul to make a difference in people’s lives by assisting them in healing themselves. She is one of the most beautifully spirited souls that I have met and she is healing me one session at a time like no other methodologies have been able to before. I am a better, balanced, and grounded individual because of her gracious healing sessions. I am just not able to say enough of how much it re-shaped my direction spirituality and most of all grounded me. Thank you for saving me.
— -Paul