Much of our self-sabotage today stems from a poor understanding of the relationship between the mind and the body, and the relationship between a human being and the planet it evolved to thrive in.

If you are tired of feeling like it is impossible to change the way you feel in your body, or change the way you feel about yourself, then this course is for you.


In this 10 week course we will cover Ayurvedic concepts for how to make changes to your diet and daily and weekly routines so that you begin to feel empowered about your own health.


Next course begins 25 September 2019


What You Get:

·         Simple concepts from Ayurveda & modern habit science for how to begin to take care of your own body so you can

o   Have more energy

o   Feel and look better

o   Quit getting trapped in self-sabotaging thought patterns

·         Individualized coaching and techniques for how to apply the concepts in your life

·         10 group coaching calls to reinforce the lessons and troubleshoot

·         2 emails a week with lessons and tips for application and implementation

·         Videos on all of the lessons

Amanda is a brilliant, talented and extraordinary educator. She is a beautiful loving spirit, which permeates in her instruction and demeanor. She introduced us to Ayurveda methodology of healing the mind & body in a holistic and synergetic way. Her instruction was lively, dynamic and exciting and it helped me to grasp ancient healing techniques of Ayurveda in a modern and contemporary modality, which I was able to seamlessly incorporate and advance into my own meditation practice and self-healing of my own mind and body.

Amanda made the course interesting, personal and loving. Her soul is full of love.
— Jim