How to write for academic publication

Learning to write for publication requires the development of a complex skill set that is infrequently taught in the classroom. These videos provide an overview of key considerations as well as practical tips for approaching the task of publishing quality thought.

What I can do for you


Writing is a highly individualized mix of the intellect and emotions. I have a well-trained intuitive ability to work with your particular character and goals to help you develop your best written work.

I can help you develop and polish your idea, so that it is conceptually sound, thoroughly grounded in research, and original.

I can help you revise your manuscript to remove a variety of holes, such as logical structuring, untested assumptions and biases, and logical fallacies.

I can read for syntactical clarity (copy edit).

I can help you identify a target publication and write for that publication.

I can help you make and set deadlines.

I can help you work through writer's block to rediscover your motivated, creative writing self.

I can help you refine and develop your writing process.



Have an idea for a book?


Manuscript Revision

In the midst of drafting and having deep-level issues such as structure, organization, clarity of thought and clear flow throughout all the parts?



Have some text on-hand but feeling leery about the clarity of language and syntax?

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Writing Coach

Have an idea for writing that you are madly passionate about, but just can't manage to build a sound process to see yourself through to that final product?