Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!


My experience

My skills grew out of 4 ways of working with writing.

  • Acquiring a master's degree in literature and literary theory disciplined me in the fine art of research and argumentation, as well as gave me a background in several schools of theory.
  • I worked with over 800 writers during 4 years at the University of Kansas Writing Center. I worked with dozens of graduate students from a wide range of disciplines on dissertations, class papers, and articles for publication.
    • I learned how to quickly acclimate to a manuscript's content, the writer's goals, and the writing style of the project.
    • I learned how to work with multilingual writers.
    • I learned how to revise structure as well as copy edit.
  • During 3 years of teaching freshmen and sophomores how to write and think, I worked with about 350 students, coaching them through the process of learning how to think critically and translate that thought into writing.
    • I learned how to explain rhetoric and writing concepts in concise, straightforward terms.
    • I learned to work with writers across an extended length of time, according to their strengths, personalities, and goals.
  • Working as an editor for an Army publication, I had to quickly assimilate military concepts and discourse.
    • I learned the expectations and writing styles of over a dozen Army publications.
    • I mastered Chicago Manual Style.
    • I worked with writers solely via the internet, developing a new communication mode.

In short, I know how to help you hone your idea to fit your audience and communication goals.

I know how to read a manuscript for clarity of complex thoughts and professionalism while still keeping your voice as a writer.


I also have experience working with fiction and personal nonfiction. Email me for details.