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Ayurveda Hair Care Routine for Beginners

I had short hair for most of my 20s—too many other things going on to have much time for hair.

A couple years ago, I decided that having long hair was a sign of maturity and health. It was a sign that I was taking care of my mind, body, spirit.

 Ayurveda teaches that hair and skin are nourished from both the inside out (i.e., what you eat, sleep, stress) and the outside in (aka, caring for your hair, skin, nails enhances your organ health).

 This article provides a comprehensive overview for the daily and weekly hair care regimen.

WWI Monument in KC, MO

WWI Monument in KC, MO

Some Distilled Wisdom of Getting Along from the Military

The military, in the flip of the civilian world, speaks with abrasion but lives a life of dedicated sacrifice. Often, civilians speak with gentleness, but have no real Yogic Union with their meaning of life.

Learning from the military understanding of interpersonal schisms is an excellent avenue for both finding better success in your work & other organizations as well as more success in living your life of integrity.


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